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and i can't fade away like that.

29 March 1985
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just me
i'm Marie.
i am who i am and i can't change that...take it or leave it.
i am a mother, a fiance, a best friend, a student, a worker, a lover, a fighter, a woman, a daughter, a sister...so many other roles i play but the first three mean the most to me <3

the love of my life
my fiance is Christian whom i met on cinco de mayo of 2007, we started dating 6/11/07 =] & he proposed to me on december 11, 2007 and are very happily engaged!
i couln't be happier, except for the news of finding out about my pregnancy (i didn't find out til i was 2 1/2 months pregnant) - definitely not planned but the news of my baby boy filled christian's and my heart with joy.

my heart & soul
my son Camden Michael was born October 20, 2008 at just 25 weeks, but he is our little fighter and constantly progresses as time goes by.
i cannot even begin to express how happy i will be when we get to bring him home <3
i graduate Dec '08 (hopefully) and my little family is coming together!
life is great, i never knew what happiness i could have =]

music plays an important role in my life<3

baby feetchuck norris is awesomefamily equals lovehot fiancewishingcloudsmmm cheese!
lovemusic is everywheremusic notes lovereading is sexypeace is the answertattooed boys are hothoot!
engagedmommyi love my sonapple loveWHY SO SERIOUS!?

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