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it's been about a month...

since camden has been home and i am ecstatic about it! it's still somewhat surreal to believe that he's actually home but i am getting used to being a mom and addressing camden's needs and wants when he wants something.
everything is just getting better and his eyes are 100% now..there's no predicting what will happen in the future with glasses or lazy/crossed eyes *knock on wood* but his eyes definitely don't look like they will become lazy or crossed...hopefully anyways!

he's steadily gaining weight and was 7 lbs 8 oz on march 4th :) i can't wait til he can get out of the newborn wear and newborn diapers, it will just make me feel such accomplishment for him. he also is such a strong boy lifting up his head and pushing on his feet to stretch out (one time it even seemed like he rolled over...to me anyways).

i saw this commercial for something like "babies can read" and i have to admit it is sort of a tempting purchase! but i would just like to stimulate camden's mind so that he can reach his fullest potential and even surpass my knowledge and accomplishments. i just can't wait until he can do more and gets off of oxygen..hopefully the pulmonologist will say that his lungs look better and that we can start to wean him off of the 1/32 of a liter of oxygen he is receiving right now.
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