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today is beautiful

so now i'm 24, almost a quarter of a decade! this birthday has definitely made me realize how much having a baby really does change everything. life has become so routine (not necessarily a bad thing!)..but i can't wait until camden can get off of his oxygen and just enjoy life outside of the home..when he can get to do all the things that i did when i was a baby and then some! i just would like him to get stimulation outside of the home and not have to worry about being tied down...i know he can't do anything crazy of course but i would just like different activities instead of just sitting with me in front of the tv and only doing so much. it makes me appreciate my health and wellness and appreciate the future.

camden is doing wonderfully he's 10+ lbs. now and his face is getting fuller. he's just gorgeous...i know some people say that they just want to appreciate every moment when their babies are small, which i do, but i also can't wait to see him getting bigger and stronger & just being more active :) that would be wonderful.

i feel like i've gotten stuck on the tube..since i can't really bring camden anywhere and it's hard to read a book when a babies requiring your attention. hopefully when he's bigger he can remind me of how important the world is and how much fun it is to get out of the house and explore...i loved being a kid and i just can't wait to open the doors to imagination and creativity in the childlike sense <3
the end.

p.s. i think there's some easy entrance for wasps to get into our room b/c they are always always ending up in here...scary!
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