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leaving on a jet plane

christian (my fiance) left tonight for atlanta to receive training from Apple in which he will be gone for 2 weeks :(

i'll definitely be missing him during that time, i haven't been away from him in a while and it hit me once i got home that he wouldn't be sharing our bed for two whole weeks. my emotions got the best of me and i shed some tears...

but before that it was crazy, we thought my mom or dad would be home before christian and i would go to the airport so that i could drop him off and my mom could watch camden for us...but that wasn't the case so we brought camden with us & even though christian got a "new" used vw we used my honda b/c the base was already attached to it...and time was getting short..AND out of all days my good ol' honda decided to quit and we were stuck at a shell gas station luckily. this nice black lady with an afro like out of those 70s movies stopped to give us a jump and after some time we realized that the battery was not the issue. she was such a lovely woman and got her hands dirty although it appeared as though she had just left from church and was in some nice clothes. she saw camden and asked how old he was...and i of course always just say his birth age and his adjusted age...significantly enough she was born prematurely at about 7 months in her mother's pregnancy and had a twin brother who had died in utero or at birth (the details were a little grey)...she also had a grandson who was premature. before she left she requested to pray and we held hands and she prayed for christian's trip and for camden and just for life in general...i will definitely remember the inherent "goodness" of this woman and in how society can have such a positive response to distress or want of help...i believe her name was darlene and i hope there are many more darlene's out there..i know i would like to be one
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