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our little miracle

camden is doing absolutely wonderful.

I was worried that his MRI would be abnormal or something but the specialist on studying the images said that everything looked normal...thank God! His doctor has also started talking about discharge so hopefully that will come soon :) He's up to 5 lbs 4.5 oz...which is amazing everytime I look back to his old pictures or think about how tiny he was at 1 lb 11.8 oz! I can't believe what a little miracle he is to me along with everyone else as well.

His eye surgery had went well but there's just this little area of concern in his right eye that he has just had surgery on today and the doctors have said that everything went fine. I just hope that he won't have to have anymore surgeries on his eyes anymore.

All of the progress that Camden has achieved has already made me start to get things a little more ready and put together at home so that he'll be safe and have everything he needs. I can't wait to have our little boy home..he needs it just as much as we do! <3
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