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belated merry christmas

Camden is doing so well *knock on wood* don't want to jinx his progress! I got to hold him yesterday and feed him with a bottle for the first time, he took in 5 mls which is pretty good for his first time.
He also was able to take a bottle because he is no longer on the ventilator or CPAP. Camden's on something called a nasal cannula , which is less intensive than the CPAP or ventilator. He also just got his first 2 shots. I'm sooo incredibly proud of him and he's putting back on his weight after having his laser eye surgery. He's up to 3 lbs 12.6 oz, so hopefully he'll be back to the 4 lbs in no time and even more weight. I can't wait to have him come home and hopefully everything will look good on his MRI before coming home.
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