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is breathing more on his own now he just has that continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to assist in his breathing. it is held in place by a mask placed around his head, it looks pretty uncomfortable but he's very squirmy so it's for the best that it's like that. i'm so proud of him! now he just needs to put on more weight cuz he's 2 lb 11 oz now and keeps on going up and down between 2 lb 10 oz and 2 lb 12 oz.

i got to hold him again today, his nurse was filipino..gotta love them! i finally heard him make some noises since that tube does not obstruct his vocal cord anymore...he's just the cutest thing. i love being close to him like that...i'm just ready for the kangaroo care with skin to skin contact and really connecting in that way. he's a pretty touchy guy already with an attitude on him so i just hope he can learn to like actually being touched and held, and feel the love! <3

my baby boy is soo adorable i love looking into his beautiful eyes ♥
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