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today is a good day

thursdays are my day where i have only one class and no more classes til monday so today is a great day :)

camden has finally gotten off the occilator to a ventilator
which is better because it shows that he can handle a less powerful machine to help him breathe, thus breathing more on his own :) an x-ray also showed that his lungs have improved, Yay! i can't believe he is a month old already when i'd only be about 29 weeks pregnant still. thank goodness for the advancements in medicine and science! but so far from my records camden is 2 lbs, 10 oz. he is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, he continues to amaze me every time i think about him and see him..which is ALL the time. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, b/c life for a preemie is always up & down..although i'm hoping things are beginning to look a little more up! Hopefully since he is on the ventilator which is less restrictive, I will be able to hold my little man soon.

I also can't even believe how fast school is going by. I pretty much just have 2 real weeks of school and then just 2 exams to complete. WOW! graduation will be here any minute, I just hope and pray that I will do well enough to graduate December 13th. Please, please, please! But i'm in a good mood, can't wait to see Camden again <3

& I finally sent out the letter requesting camden's birth certificate, I can't wait til that comes in :)
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