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are jerks most the time, they watch everything you do like nosey freaks & jump on anything they can to get you into trouble
this next door neighbor of mine, the wife of the house, called the cops on me one day (like a couple years ago) when i was having a party cuz somebody backed up into her yard. she's such a bitch, and then like 3 days ago she stayed in her car for like 15 minutes while my fiance and i were trying to move around so he could fit in a parking space and was like you need to stop driving in my yard (when i even wasn't right then, nor do i ever cuz i still remember that incident with the cops) and all this bullshit. then today she came ringing our doorbell like a madwoman to complain to my mom. she is just a straight up bitch. we live in a frickin 4 house circle & the road is not very big. she needs to chill out unless she's joining home & garden or some lawn contest then it's seriously not that big of a deal. and they even park in their backyard. so i dunno what her deal is...but she needs to keep her kids from running all over the place and making noise outside cuz she's always yelling and i think thats a bigger issue to deal with than just a lil bit of mud in her yard. and did she ever realize that maybe other neighbors could be driving in her yard. JERK! i wish you could actually choose your neighbors...but i should be movin eventually which will be a good day :)
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